Vision is a Proxy who took over Choices' role as antagonist towards the Slender Finders, and now towards this Reality.


Vision's current Profile picture.


Not much is known of Vision's history, other than he was willingly recruited recently by the Host. There is evidence that Vision came from America orginally, but nothing has been proven.

Involvement with this RealityEdit

After Choices began to help the Slender Finders, Vision introduced himself and began referencing that a 'time of cleansing' that would arise. He was not openly antagonistic at first, merely trying to manipulate Answered.

However, after Answered refused to listen to Vision, he began making threats towards him. According to Vision, W-Man is now a hostage of the Slender Man. Shortly after first hostilities, Answered was also apparently abducted by the Slender Man. However, this accusation has been denied by someone who is close to the Slender Man.

Vision now asks Corrupt Secrets to stop this, and is not giving anything else away.

Answered turned out to be possessed by Vision.

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