The Guardian is considered to be one of the aspects of the Tall One, and similar to the Slender Man in almost
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The Symbol of the Guardian

every aspect. It is currently the aspect in our reality.


The Guardian does not provoke fear on it's appearance, rather, people tend to feel safer. The Guardian appears to want to help our reality find the Light, and does not wish to kill us/drive us insane. This does NOT mean that the Guardian is 'good'. The Guardian can be just as merciless and maniacal as the Slender Man.

No direct communication with the Guardian has been observed; it tends to talk to humans via Choices. The Guardian's true intentions remain hidden.

The Guardian has been the one watching over the Slender Finders, while the Slender Man has been stalking them and making their lives difficult.


The Symbol of the Guardian was first seen on a letter sent to Corrupt Secrets from an unknown source.

The symbol behind the arrows is an Ankh, an ancient Egyptian heiroglyph referring to Life. With the arrows interpreted as spears, it looks like it means the Guardian of Life.

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