The Slender Finders was an organization dedicated to proving that the being known as the Slender Man is real. It is unique in the fact that it exists in two realities.


The Slender Finders were founded on 10/11/2013 by Answered and W-Man when both were determined to find out more about the Slender Man. Since then they have started a website , YouTube page and a Wiki.

Soon after the YouTube channel was founded, several more people joined, including Proxy Child and Accesshades.


After their first episode, Answered got sent as strange video, which introduced the fact that a Proxy was also involved. Both him and W-Man started to gain strange Proxy-like symptoms, and Answered was confirmed to actually be the vessel of a Proxy. That Proxy joined their Wiki, and revealed himself to be Choices.

Westley then encountered some difficulties that forced him to leave the Slender Finders, and wipe all evidence off the internet, and Matthias was abducted a month later, after being forced to leave by the same circumnstances as W-Man. No more news has been heard from either of them, other than a brief conversation between Proxy Child and Answered that revealed that Answered was not dead.

Recently, another conversation was held between Answered, Proxy Child and Corrupt Secrets, proving that he definitely is not dead. However, Answered referred to himself as 'not truly alive'. What this means is uncertain.

Since then, the Slender Finders Wiki has merely become another chat site.

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