The Secrets of the GuardianEdit

Many attempts have been made to understand the being known as the Tall One, or the Slender Man. But what most fail to see is that you must not cut off the leaf of the plant, you must pull it out by the roots.

SAM 0242

The Symbol of the Guardian

That is why I created this wiki. I have been tormented for too long, and I need to end it.

I know I cannot do it alone.

I know I need help to understand the Secrets of the Guardian.

The Current RealityEdit

Their are few here who are involved with these events.  Answered (See below) was one of the first, but he was taken before he could fully understand what must be done.

Here are the current users who are/were in this reality:

Answered (The original creator of this reality, now being controlled and possessed by Vision) Status: Controlled

Proxy Child (Also started early) Status: Watched

Choices (A Proxy  who tried to stop Answered, but now helps us. Was captured and broken, but escaped) Status: Rogue(?)

Vision (A Proxy who took Choices' place as Antagonist, but stopped shortly after. Now controls Answered) Status: Serving the Host. Isn't a proxy for the Slender Man.

Corrupt Secrets (A person who recently entered this reality due to a video sent to him by Choices) Status: Stalked

Mayhem (Contacted Corrupt Secrets due to being followed by a being, possibly the Slender Man or the Host) Status: Stalked

Grey Cross (Was considered a Proxy by Answered, but now works closely with Corrupt Secrets) Status: Stalked

Deadroses (Connected to Grey Cross.) Status: Unknown

There are a few others suspected to be involved, but their names will not be listed here in case they aren't, for that will cause them to be involved.

Previous members of this reality:

W-Man (Helped create this reality with Answered) Status: Faker

AcessHades (Joined after being told by W-Man) Status: Faker

Dark Ways (Joined via Corrupt Secrets, but had his mind wiped) Status: Free

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