• HUSHHH333

    There still here

    January 12, 2016 by HUSHHH333

    I am the part of the journal keepers but now i am here alone

    everything is quiet but seems everthing is well for everyone side 

    i tried everything to get aways from these beings but now they are a part of me

    I can never get them to go away 

    who ever is out there 

    can come help me with this and help me more with my research 

    but if you do not want to its okay 

    but if you do help i would appreciate it 

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  • Grey Cross


    October 16, 2014 by Grey Cross

    I know where I am here, on this physical plane... But everytime I seem so close to winning that of which I do not know--something that is shrouded in such a vast callous fog of no particular nature--nor dark or light, I get pulled backwards to the checkered starting line, over and over... After awhile, you start to get frusterated, then it turns into a hopelessness that grabs at the mind; in which it threatens to ultimately consume...

    On this physical plane, I don't have to question where I am. Nor do most people. However, while I used to know exactly in where I am going on a seperate plane.. I don't anymore. I know I am on a path, however I do not know what path this might be. I think it might be …

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  • HUSHHH333


    October 5, 2014 by HUSHHH333

    it seems everyone is gone 

    it seems nobody want to stop this

    well im going to keep forward no matter what

    where did everyone go?

    why is it so quiet........

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  • HUSHHH333


    October 3, 2014 by HUSHHH333

    for awhile lately i been getting massive headaches

    i dont know why but there only been two time when 

    i did cough up blood but that hadnt happening in a while

    i also feel very dizzy sometimes

    maybe i just need some rest but i dont know

    for this pass week i just wanting to vomit

    also i hear this noises at night which makes it hard for me to sleep

    (only one flower blooms)

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  • HUSHHH333

    A figure

    October 2, 2014 by HUSHHH333

    lately for a long time ive been seeing a little girl 

    its hard for me to explain everything right now but

    i dont know what she wants or what she needs

    she can never leave the house and thats what she told me

    she also said that she will always watch me, what does she mean by that

    theres also this shadow figure that ive started seeing and i just need to find 

    answers,what are these figures and what do they want

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  • MMayheMM


    August 24, 2014 by MMayheMM

    Haven't slept again for a week.

    Always atleast 3 or more.

    The place seems too silent for me, and empty..No movement, nothing.

    Hm, wonder what phase is up.

    And found something that looks almost identical to the items in my dreams.... Or nightmares persay.

    Almost like a reminder, shockingly I found an orange carabiner related to the one in my previous dream.

    Silly silly, I'm being paranoid, but I found it where a family member was.

    Pretty sure someone owned it here in my home, but the carabiner seems like it had a compass, which has fallen out, and a beer opener.

    Not much to say.

    But it's weird to me.

    I wouldn't expect that.

    The one in my nightmare- Without those features. Simple silver clip and the rest orange, like on the person.


    Da. ys.

    Until I get …

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  • MMayheMM


    August 8, 2014 by MMayheMM

    I've been gone for about what....?

    Two weeks.....

    Two weeks and I've lately been managing to delve deep on my own.......

    I've.. Been talking to a friend who I've been explaining my... Emotions..... Nothing to get them rattled.... Or afraid...... Or let me them know what I've been up to........

    I-.... I don't know if this is the correct place to be writing this....... Or if I even want.... Anyone to know.... As I can barely keep together without pondering my questions... And what I know already


    I'm shaking. But I'm withstanding this...

    For... The past week I've been getting, well.. Starting to dream up....

    Have a couple of thoughts crawl into my head.....

    Many many days ago I've.. Had a short dream come into my head......

    Since for me school is …

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  • MMayheMM


    July 27, 2014 by MMayheMM

    Getting a bit dizzy.

    Not so much the headaches.

    I'm getting a lot more irritated.

    And I might snap.

    I've been gone for some time...

    But Hell, there's gotta be worse.......


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  • MMayheMM

    My purpose

    July 16, 2014 by MMayheMM

    I think I've had time to think of what I've gotten into.

    Despite me knowing I've only come in about weeks ago.

    I might be figuring out my purpose.

    The silence might not speak for me,

    But my mind has been unfolding every sentence left to be read...

    Now, don't we all have a purpose here? Some have a truer part than others.

    Such as finding something important.

    Or being willing of sufficing enough information to be concluded on.

    But I guess I might be the excluded piece.

    There's something in the air that has been polluting it with more than one's brain can take...

    It's fogging up our senses. And we're still struggling.

    But the truth is what if what we're all looking for is right there?


    Thoughts are a powerful thing when it comes to position.

    I have to com…

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  • MMayheMM


    July 14, 2014 by MMayheMM

    I can barely keep my eyes open, barely open for the light to be my guide.

    My vision blurred yesterday, and I still can't seem to cure.

    My head pounded, I couldn't hear a word......

    It's been only a bit now, and they still question how far I've gone out....

    I was at a gathering the day before, every word they told me was an ear sore....

    I ignored.

    I didn't participate.

    And I was left beyond in my debate....

    Heck, if only I knew what to do.

    For soon my ignorance would be nothing but just new.

    I don't need to fret, nor do I yet cry.

    But soon something will shine, if the blur moves the fine line.

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  • Deadroses

    I was going to write a poem

    But I'm not sure if I should

    I've told you time and time again

    Vision's not a real being

    perhaps someone is pretending to be the antagonist.

    Of course it's your choice

    You can believe what you want

    But I think the time's coming

    Where I have to ask my big tall friend.

    Ask him how much of this is true

    Then again, even if I ask,

    You all might not believe me.

    And thus my words were and are useless.

    very well, very good, continue to play.

    I'll simply watch you all.

    Too ashamed to play along with my tall friend watching.


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  • MMayheMM


    July 12, 2014 by MMayheMM

    Been missing out for 2 days.

    Or so I count.

    I do have a journal handy currently in case I need to note something while away.

    I just wonder what is going on, because although I've been off... Everything has been too calm too sudden for me.

    Time has been going quickly but my blood paces slow in my veins.

    Time is taunting me...

    And so is the sound that ticks with it.

    But soon I'll collect my minutes to come back around.

    The good news is there is nothing for me to fear, or to find a problem within.

    The bad, is I'm still a bit lost, and finding a way to understand can take weeks.

    To months.

    And then it all goes by,


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  • MMayheMM


    July 8, 2014 by MMayheMM

    1:01 AM.

    I'm awake and well from yesterday, someone knows what I mean.

    I've been looking outside and I just feel occasional waves.

    Like, I know something is there.

    I knew I should have gotten rest.

    But getting on and reading on my behalf completes what I'm going through.

    I just need to keep myself high.

    What more could my pupils want to see?

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  • Grey Cross

    For Deadroses.

    July 8, 2014 by Grey Cross


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  • MMayheMM


    July 6, 2014 by MMayheMM

    "They say that I am crooked.

    But I seen no broken bones.

    He says my mind is corrupted, sweet enough to take.

    But where is my mind?

    I surely had it seconds ago.

    Where is it, where is it, I'm surely not blind.

    You're acting kind've silly, he says to me.

    And why must that be? I question, I question.

    He slithers in my ear, whisper, whisper.

    Because I am your mind. Silly. Silly. Silly."

    I drew this.

    I was wanting to upload it, but I knew it'd be a hassle.

    It took me an hour to get it in without an error.

    Now I know it is upside down, but I'm sure it'd add more context...At least.

    And I doubt there'd be someone...Reading this, as I know what is being done.

    But I feel as there will be, something or someone almost... unknown.

    Now, I know yesterday it was the...4't…

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  • Grey Cross

    On edge.

    June 30, 2014 by Grey Cross

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  • Grey Cross

    Ice Age

    June 23, 2014 by Grey Cross


    Traveling again... Forwards...

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  • Grey Cross

    I could regret living, feeling, seeing... I could regret having my senses.

    I do....

    I could regret that there be a heaven, because there is a hell that comes with it.

    I do....

    I want to scream that there is hope, that there is salvation for us all, but in reality everything is wrong.

    Since there is angels, there are demons. Not all demons want be what they are.....

    Demons are fallen angels, or people who were not good with the Lord.

    If angels can fall, that means they can become inpure.

    Evil came from good.

    Thus, Since good exists... Evil exists as well.

    When all is said and done then, if good truimphs over evil, then there is no good. If evil truimphs good, then there is no evil.

    In that case, only order and chaos will remain. That is in a sense, th…

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  • Corrupt Secrets

    It seems the Host has finally become aware of me. I have been unable to access any of these sites for nearly 2 days.

    The Host als has sent me numerous videos. I will not post them on this site. I did not enjoy them, I do not think it necessary to show others. The general gist is this: The Host is coming for me and he does not care how many people die on the way. And it seems he has some influence over the Rake. Or, I should say, one of the Rakes.

    Several of the people I have come across appear to be trollers, rather than serious. I will no longer try to talk with them. They might even be distraction thrown across my path by the Slender Man or some other aspect.

    My health has deteriorated since the start of this. But I will not let that stop m…

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  • Corrupt Secrets

    I was not entirely paranoid. I still had a life outside of this. I didn't want to end up like Answered.

    But then I was attacked while I went for a walk to clear my thoughts. I do not remember what happened until I woke up this morning outside of my house. Looking around, I saw a DVD lying next to me. I got up and went inside my house.

    Apparently I looked pretty beat-up, because my parents asked me what was going on. I made up some story about me being mugged, but I was only half listening to them because I was so eager to watch what was on the disc.

    I found this video on it:

    I can't quite make out what he's saying, but based on the picture that's spazzing out, I'm guessing it's Vision.

    This is getting serious.

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  • Corrupt Secrets

    It begins

    May 9, 2014 by Corrupt Secrets

    I woke up this morning with a knife beside me and blood on the floor. I don't know what happened, but I'm guessing it's not good.

    It seems Vision has returned. I will make sure that he doesn't get hold of me.

    My cough is getting worse. This means that Vision isn't the only thing stalking me.

    I have a plan, and it's far from perfect. Vision will be mine tonight.

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